Dave Kelly Bonnyrigg Rose Academy Director

Community update Aug 2017

Hi Folks,

I mentioned at training on Saturday the importance of getting the gift aid forms back in asap. I realise it’s not easy and based on some of the feedback I received. The fact of the matter is that it will be the gift aid that helps drive the changes for the benefit of all club members.

These will be issued on Saturday, please read the information sign and return ASAP. I need all forms back by mid sept at the latest.

Sticker Book update – last photo session this Thursday 31st August at 6pm at New Dundas Park. Please make sure all kids/ members are aware and know the opportunity is there if they still need to get their picture done. I have emailed everyone, please let me know if you’ll have anyone from your team attending.

Advertising space is how we will generate the money for the book. We get 80% of the advertising space sold back in value of stickers.

Do you have your own business or you know someone that might be interested in having an advert in the book. The cost varies from £85.00 to £1k for the lucky person/ organisation that buys the back cover for advertising.

If each age group can get a couple of adverts sold – that will be enough to fund the project. Please let me know if you are interested.

The launch of the book and first day of sticker sales will be Sunday 3rd Dec. We will have a Christmas Fayre event at Poltonhall There will be opportunities for people to have a stall selling their goodies..

The boot bin at the Pavillion is full , which is great … if you need a set of boots or have a set to drop off as now to small then please feel free to do so. Teams aware there are boots there for the taking. Can I ask you all to remind anyone adding boots in the bin to make sure they are clean, in a bag with the size written on the outside…

The Club is hosting a Mental Health Seminar in September. We have Mental Health experts presenting at the event and the objective is to try and establish relationships with experts and organisations that can support us with this concept going forward. Updates on Mental Health will be regular after the seminar as we look to ensure we are promoting and support positive mental health in our coaching and as part of our culture for our members.

The Club Now has the support of a new club Chaplain. Bruce Thomson will be here to support us as a club, you as individuals and our club members. Bruce will attend meetings/ events going forward, where he’ll get the chance to say hello and tell us about some of the things he can support us with going forward. I’m sure everyone will join me in giving Bruce a very warm welcome to the club.

We will be supporting a non-perishable food collection of food that will be passed on to the local foodbank. Foodbank demand is on the up and it will be fabulous if we can really support helping out local people that need that little bit of extra help. More info to follow on this later..

Asset transfer – We are chipping away at this. The Council are working with us and supporting what we are looking to achieve. We are one of the first to look at Asset Transfer in Midlothan since the introduction of the new policy, so we’re both working through things. Sported Project is going well with James King providing a great deal of support and guidance. We will look to implement a public consultation exercise in October (in partnership with Cockpen church ) on the local services/ facilities and where demand lies for our communities.

The Joiners/leavers process will be centralised once we have the gift aid set up, and running smoothly. I’ll advise everyone when this change will take place.

Kind Regards

David Kelly
Bonnyrigg Rose Academy Director


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