Its Snow Joke Fitba Is Off

Hi Everyone

If you haven’t looked out the window or been away recently the snow has really scuppered the plans for this weekend.

Having been coaching up at Poltonhall for the last 12 years I personally know that the councils focus will be on the roads, highways and elderly and quite rightly too !

There is little to no chance of Poltonhall being available this weekend unless you would like to come for a snowball fight to which I am happy to oblige 😊 Bring it On !!!

On a serious note ESSDA have cancelled all games this weekend so 2011s and 201s are cancelled, the pitches are currently closed for all access. It is unlikely that the quantity of snow will be cleared by Saturday so training will also be cancelled unfortunately.

This is the first time the Academy has had to be closed on opening day ☹ we had 25 new player attending this week who will gutted no doubt so I feel really bad for them.

Never the less we will soldier on and football will hopefully resume normal serviced next weekend if the snow is cleared.

Please be safe out there in the cold spell, take additional care when out and about, drive safety if you must drive at all. Look in on the elderly and ensure they get a visit and ask if they need assistance and make sure they are OK. Please do the right thing and help get the elderly’s paths cleared for your neighbours and in our community.

Dave Kelly
Academy Director


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