New Funding Opportunity

Hi everyone, information from the 2009’s

For those that don’t know me I am the 2009s secretary and I have been assisting the club in applying for a grant. I am a veteran and have put an application in to the Veterans Foundation for a grant for a new kitchen at Poltonhall Pavilion.

They have come back to us and are needing more accurate information with facts and figures ie as near as possible to the correct number of how many service personnel are within the community at the club.

This breaks down as follows:

• How many veterans are parents of the kids at the club
• How many parents still serve in HM Armed Forces – This would include part time Ie Territorial Army etc
• How many kids do we have of parents still serving ( The above should answer this question)

For example:

Off the top of my head in the 2009s:
x2 Veterans
x2 Parents Still serving (These are also coaches)
x1 Child of a parent still serving
This is off the top of my head, I still need to ask my parents!

Please can you ask all your parents, the more information I can get on this the better our application will be ( I hope).




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Academy 2013s and 2014s

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