Sponsored Walk

Hi Everyone,

A big thanks for turning out for our annual Sponsored walk on Sunday.

All went well and the rain stayed off for the whole duration 👍😊🌹 Well done to everyone involved and ensuring we had a safe and enjoyable day.

It’s was done in record time this year (although it was 300 yards shorter due to the roadworks at the new roundabout in Rosewell).

The first wave arrived in 40 minutes (I am sure they must have run there) and everyone arrived by the hour.

The same on the reverse journey although some at the front (Mark Dickson particularly who had just finished a 14 hour night shift in his taxi 😳) were looking a little worse for wear trying to keep up with the young ones !!!

I would like to thank all the coaches and volunteers on the day for ensuring all was safe and organised. It was good to spend a little time getting to know the other parents and players as we shall all be together over the next few years.

Please could you ensure that all sponsor monies are handed in this Saturday to the relevant coaching team. Monies for 2010s and 2011s please hand in to myself. Monies from the 2009s please hand in to Mark, Rob or Alastair from the 2009s coaches.

100% of all funds will be used at the relevant age groups for the likes of Halloween and Christmas parties, equipment and player development.

And finally the player who has raised the most funds for each team shall receive a gift voucher for Toys-R-Us, this will be confirmed on completion of the counting from the relevant age groups later in September.

All the Best

Dave Kelly
Bonnyrigg Rose Academy Director


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